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Khristian Olstad
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  I'm Khristian, and I am the writer and curator of Millennial Mamacita. I am a California native, with a deep thirst for adventure and self connection. I own and operate an in home daycare & preschool that focuses on STEM education, Montessori play, green living and healthy nutrition. Along with being a child advocate, I also advocate for the empowerment of motherhood and the community necessary for its rise. I'm an avid DIYer, master baker and heavily addicted to skincare. Livin' life like it's golden with my handsome husband and son. Come along, as we seek adventure under the California sun. 

Dominika Ossowska-Martinez
Copy Editor

 Dominika is beyond excited to be the copy editor for Millenial Mamacita! A native of LA, she has been writing since childhood, and editing for over a decade. As a graduate of UCLA, Dominika has experience copy writing and editing everything from full-length literary novels and wellness blogs, to corporate business plans, government documents, and various social media accounts. Focused on creating a unique voice for individuals and brands alike, Dominika thrives on producing and curating content that aids her clients in steady growth, as well as increased brand visibility. 

Services: Recipe development, free lance writing, and sponsored posts/reviews. Feel free to reach me via email for more at 

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