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Three Cool Ways to Keep Kids Hydrated Over Summer.

Updated: Sep 6, 2018


Summer might not officially be here but the heat sure is! Here in California, it's not uncommon to see the heat trail all the way into October. When outside tempatures rise, so do the chances of becoming dehydrated. Summer always brings a strong sense of responsibility to parents and caregivers to keep pushing that water bottle under their little ones nose. Some kids are awesome at chugging that high quality H2O, and then there's the bunch who have 'more important' things to do besides get water wasted. Cheers to all the kids who challenge us to be more innovative, this cold ones for you.

Three Fun Ways to Keep Cool and Hydrated When the Temperatures Spike! 

1. Coconut Fruit Pops- these popsicles are a sure way to keep those electrolytes up! Simple & easy, these pops are made with only coconut water & fresh or frozen fruit of your choice. Feel free to add a splash of juice or maple syrup for a hint of sweetness.   Coconut water packs a powerful punch in keeping essential electrolytes elevated and increases minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. Hats off to you coconut water, you sly superfood you.​​ Click here to see my favorite popsicle molds.

Coconut Water + Fruit

2. Watermelon & cucumbers snacks- this one might sound silly but it's true, waterbased fruits and veggies are magnificent at keeping our bodies hydrated! Watermelon is the most alkalizing food on the planet. Both cucumbers and watermelon have high water content levels, hovering around 90%

Hawkins and I picking out the perfect watermelon.

. ​​ 3. Eat and Play with a batch of Sunset Ice.  This is a awesome summer time activity that your kiddos will adore! Keeping the kiddos hydrated while playing is always a win-win! Get the recipe here!

Sunset Ice is a bucket list item, often repeated in our home over summer.

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