Our Family Summer Bucketlist

Plunging into summer officially faster than a canon ball hitting the deep end. Hello sunshine state of mind, sun tan lines and sticky popsicles fingers. Around this house we welcome summer with open arms and a bucketlist to keep our days filled with fun, laughter and memories we will never forget. Unless mom loses her top at the water park, than we would all really like to forget that.

This is our first summer creating an actual bucket list for our family, so I am so thrilled for you all to be apart of our 'learning experience' and our adventures. Our summer bucket list was created with our three year old son in mind, so everything on our list is toddler and family friendly. Kris and I focus on creating memories and experiences for Hawkins to gain knowledge, expand his mind and develop a strong and secure relationship with his family. Below is our Bucketlist of summertime fun, I hope an idea or two sparks your fancy that you'd love to do with your family. I'd love to here about your bucket list and adventures, so be sure to write me or leave your findings in the comments. Happy Summer Everyone!

Olstad Family Bucket List:

  1. Visit the State Fair

  2. Make Bird Feeders

  3. Go to a Pro Baseball Game

  4. Visit an Aquarium

  5. Go on a Train Ride

  6. Have a Picnic on the Beach

  7. Take a Hike in the Mountians

  8. Go to a Water Park

  9. Get Ice Cream for Dinner

  10. Visit a Hot Spring

  11. Go to the Lake

  12. Have a Backyard Movie Night

  13. Go Camping or Glamping

  14. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

  15. Go Fishing

  16. Visit a Berry or Fruit Picking Farm

  17. Have a Jam Making Party

  18. Go see a New Movie in the Theatre

  19. Make Homemade Ice Cream

  20. Family Swim Night Every Monday

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