Moving Through Grief

Like many of you I am no stranger to grief, to the grieving process or to what is referred to as ‘complicated grief’. 

Grief is a profound and complex pain that accompanies loss, a pain that almost every human will experience at some point in their life. Grief can stem from the loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, the end of a relationship, miscarriage and even the loss of a job. 

Grief obeys no particular blueprint or timeframe; everyone copes with grief in their own unique way, bouncing between stages to process each wave of emotional eruption. 

The grief process is always difficult but not all grief is created equal. The grief that follows the loss from suicide can be especially complex, traumatic and consuming. After a non suicidal bereavement, survivors can direct their anger at an illness, perpetrator or unfortunate event. When someone commits suicide the survivors are simultaneously trying to grieve whilst trying to sort through a clash of bewildering emotions such as extreme anger, abandonment, shame, guilt and rejection. 

All grief support & healing: 

•Support groups: especially for complicated grief are highly valuable to the grieving process. 

•Time. Give yourself time to grieve & heal, it is a process. 

•Find your tribe, keep them close. Talk to them & spend time with them.

•Get back to your Routine/Hobbies/Social life. 

•Practice good self care, including investing in therapy for yourself. 

How to incorporate essential oils to support your emotional as you guide yourself through your grieving process.

  1. Console

  2. Cypress

  3. Serenity

  4. Bergamont

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