Kids Valentine's Protein Trail Mix

Valentine's is a beloved and coveted holiday by lots of kiddos. Mostly because, well, holidays are FUN but also because they get to celebrate and by celebrate I mean they get to eat tasty TREATS. As a health conscious mama, this was my attempt at a healthier spin on a tasty trail mix. I will tell you right now, it was a huge HIT!

This cereal is great for kiddos who struggle with getting in protein! I love that it is made from chickpea and there are very few ingredients in the cereal. A mom and dad team created Three Wishes when they could not find a cereal they felt was best suited for their child's nutrition needs. Less sugar, more protein and grain free!



Protein and Grain Free Cereal made from chickpeas


Natural Marshmallows

Freeze dried Strawberries

Unreal Candies

Directions: I add an even amount of cereal and popcorn about 4-5 cups, add more or less depending on how many servings you want. Then add strawberries, I add about 3 cups. Next add in the marshmallows I add 1-1.5 cups. Next I add the chocolate candies. I picked out the red, pink and purple ones, I added about .5-1 cup. Mix together. Serve for a fun Valentine's snack or place trail mix in treat bags to give out to family and friends.

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