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Kids Earth Day Dirt Cups

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Kids Earth Day Dirt Cup
Simple DIY organic dirt cup with no artificial flavors or synthetic colors.

Food is a great conversation starter, when engaging kids. Especially preschoolers. It really adds another element into the lesson plan or theme. Food, especially visually appealing food, is captivating to young audiences. As they play, eat and observe the food, their senses and attention are sparked to engage, learn and absorb.

Earth day is always a fun opportunity to teach children about gardening, recycling, reusing, reducing, green living and sustainability. We love our Mother Earth here! How we care for our environment and 'what we can do' is always something I like to implement to the children. First by demonstration, then activities and of course fun experiences.

Dirt cup Ingredients. Organic, no artificial colors or flavors.
Brands I used in Dirt Cups. No artificial ingredients, colors or flavors.

Eating dirt cups is hands down a terrific experience. The cool, creamy pudding mixed with crunchy cookies and you can't forget the gummy worms! This makes for a fun, yummy treat that shows soil layers and the soil ecosystem. We have been working on several different gardening activities and have been working with gardening tools out in the play garden, so this dirt cup tied in nicely as I read several books durning snack time that tied in with soil and gardening for earth day.

Pudding is simple, easy and quick to make.

I used mason jars instead of plastic cups, to exhibit our movement towards less plastic here. I sit down with the kids to monitor their jar use, as well as explain that they are glass and can break so to use caution. I will say, they all did really well! We hope you enjoy these classic dirt cups just as much as we did!



Cook pudding mix according to the package. Crush cookies up, I used a rolling pin and placed cookies on a cookie sheet. Layer pudding and cookies in jars and top with worms! Enjoy the fun!

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