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How to Create an Organized, Healthy Pantry.

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

The opportunity to renovate or remodel your kitchen doesn't have to be a complete scene of pandemonium or cost you thousands of dollars to make something 'ordinary' look alluring and spectacular. In fact, you can awe your guess and family with this simple, yet extremely functional open pantry. Did I mention beneficial as well?

When we first purchased our home, the open style kitchen was a huge selling point. Though, the layout of the kitchen was exactly what we wanted, the kitchen itself was slightly outdated. Between my husband and I, we remodeled the majority of the kitchen ourselves. My first task was to tackle our cabinets. This open pantry was a vision I had while remodeling all 300 of our cabinets. That number might not be completely accurate but it feels pretty darn close. Open shelving was just coming into play, as seamless photo of mimilistic kitchen shelving slowing started to trickle over my insagram feed. Though the open shelving units were stunning, the process of work behind it was more than I wanted to deal with at the time. So instead of actually knocking out our cabinets to create open shelving, I decided to open up a cabinet space we already had. Literally by taking off the doors. Some cleaning, sanding and painting were involved. But the process was fairly simple and easy to do.

Benefits to Creating a Jar Pantry:

Besides creating a striking ensemble for your pantry items, there are some huge benefits that come with this renovation.

  • Saying good bye to plastics. Something that I work consistently on in our home and the preschool is riding our lives from plastics. In fact, the plastic containers were pricier than the glass ones!

  • Convenience. Being able to see and access ingredients that you need just became that much more nicer. With the open pantry, glass jars and labels, you have to do zero searching and rummaging.

  • The opportunity to reorganize your health. Having an open, organized pantry forces you to reevaluate what you are cooking with, along with the food options that you have in your home. It will bring you back to the basics of whole food items.


These are the jars that I used for our pantry. I got two different sizes. The larger ones are utilized for items that we go through quicker or it contains an item we use daily and buy frequently. These jars have heavier set lids but do not seal. If you would like jars that do seal or clasp close, I recommend these. WARNING: Jars with separate glass lids that are higher on the shelf or higher than your head level should never be pulled straight from the shelf without first removing the lid, as the lid could slide off and land right on your head. The closed canisters may be a better option for higher shelving units or stainless steel jars with clasps if you have kids that will get in and out of these jars.

Labeling: I ordered decals off etsy to label my jars since I wanted to customize the items. But you can also use a labeling pen if you have nice penmanship and patience. Make sure it is a water based pen, I recommend these pens. You can also order these preset labels to adhere to your jars, I love the variety they offer, they look great plus they are the best bang for your buck!


Filling the jars was so satisfying. If you have little ones around, this is a great opportunity for them to help! It's fun for them to scoop or poor contents into the jars, if you are okay with your floors getting a little messy. I love purchasing from the bulk food sections to fill our jars and canisters, but sometimes the connivance of having your food delivered to your door is like going on a vacation. Not to mention prices seem to be the best when buying online. Below I've listed some of our family's favorite brands, snacks and ingredients.

List of my favorite brands/snacks/ingredients I keep in our Pantry:

Thank you for stopping by to catch a little sneak peak inside my kitchen, as well as my pantry. I hope you feel inspired to create a healthy, functional pantry to better serve you and your family. Please feel free to share your outcome, I love seeing how everyones projects turn out and any new creative twists that are implemented. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate products. I personally stand by and use all products recommended through my affiliates.

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