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Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Well, it's officially summer around here, and that means school’s out forever! Or, at least until we are in the midst of the back- to- school chaos in a few months. Until then, parents all over the globe are on the search for screen -less activities perfect for travel and home entertainment, as we slowly come undone over the sweltering summer months.

Hey parental units, I'm coming in hotter than the neighborhood ice cream man with some educational, screen- free, and COMPLIMENTARY (aka no-cost) printables that you and your kiddo can add to your entertainment rotation. Whether you are traveling or just relaxing at home, these are great worksheets to keep your young kids’ minds stimulated while simultaneously having fun.

Kids will love pairing these animals to their names, and growing their reading skills with this fun matching activity! Find many more resources for beginner readers at

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