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Easter Lunch Hunt Picnic

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

We like to change things up a bit here, but still love doing traditional holiday activities. Such as hunting Easter eggs! The novelty of hiding and seeking eggs has brought generations of children lots of joy, myself included!

Who doesn't remember sitting down with there baskets full of eggs, just to crack open every single one to make piles of candy. Since I do not give the kiddos candy here or anything with artificial coloring, I thought a fun alternative to the hunt would be fun! The wonderful news when it comes to egg hunts with toddlers and preschoolers, is they have not yet been groomed to expect candy or money in there egg yet. In fact, you could get these guys excited about finding paper clips in their eggs. They would probably throw a paper clip parade!

Still set on doing an egg hunt, we decided to hunt our lunch. Tracking down those beautiful, bright plastic colored eggs for our feast. Only to follow with a Easter lunch picnic after, of course. A victory picnic, if you will. The kids loved every minute of it, but I cannot take all the credit for this actitivy. This was not my orginal idea, this was an idea I found on Pinterest! We are a little Pinterest obsessed in this house. It really comes in handy. Hope your kiddos enjoy their candy free egg hunt and picnic after!


  • Non Toxic Plastic Eggs- I used these ones

  • Lunch supplies: Sandwich Supplies, Annies Organic Bunnies, Carrot Sticks, Blueberries/Strawberries, Cherry Tomatoes.

  • Easter Basket- I found great ones at the dollar store

  • Blanket for the picnic


I rinse the plastic eggs out in hot water and mild soap. Let them dry, then fill the eggs with lunch supply according to colors. I assign every kid a color, so they don't fight over the eggs and also so that they receive the right amount of food for their lunch. It's fun to tie balloons to the eggs for the infants and young toddlers who are learning how to hunt. After everyone has collected their eggs, we sit down on our picnic blankets and enjoy our lunch together!

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