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Updated: Sep 6, 2018

This simple, fun and delicious activity will go straight to number one with your toddlers and preschoolers. Sunset Ice goes beyond hydration, it's sensory play and works those fine motor skills. This activity was inspired from snow painting that I've seen done. Which you could actually use snow or the shaved Ice from a snow cone maker, instead of ice. I just have a deep love for pellet ice. You know, those airy, crunchy, tiny little cold nuggets sing to you too.  

Next up, color. Instead of paint or dye, I thought a pressed juice would work good in staining/coloring the ice. And is obviously safe to be ingested too. The cold, crunchy ice is a great sensory play and the squeezing of the bottle handle is great for tuning fine motor skills.



  • 1 bag of small pellet ice

  • 2-3 pressed juices 

  • 2-4 spray bottles 

  • One large serving tray, a cookie sheet also works!

Directions: layer ice onto serving tray, fill up clean spray bottles with different colored pressed juice. I aimed for yellow, orange and red juices. Think carrot, pineapple, berry ect. Let kids spray the ice, it will look like a beautiful sunset! Then enjoy!

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