DIY Natural Purple, Blue and Green Food Coloring

The art of creating beautifully colored treats for your kiddos is visually appetizing for everyone. Color is especially captivating to children. I try my best to keep artificial dyes and colors out of the kids diet here. Of course, still wanting to be fun and creative with their food and colors, I assumed there must be a healthy alternative to store boxed food coloring. Low and behold, there is! I never realized how simple it was to create your own homemade dye from fruits and veggies! It's a simple progress, that children can be apart of. It truly is a nice feeling to know they are intaking beneficial nutrients as opposed to artificial dye. Hope you and your little ones enjoy making all your delicious treats, beautiful and fun with this DIY food coloring recipe!


  • Red Cabbage

  • Baking Soda

  • Sauce pan

  • Slotted spoon or tongs


Cut the cabbage in half and add into a pot of boiling water. You want just enough water to make sure the cabbage is covered. Boil for about 20 minutes or so, until your cabbage looks somewhat anemic. At this point, it's done its job and has donated it's beautiful purple color. Spoon out the cabbage. Feel free to use the cabbage in a soup or casserole if you don't like waste!

Next, simmer the colored water until it reduces into vicious syrup like state. One head of cabbage should equal about 1/2 cup of purple coloring syrup. If you would like to change the purple color to blue, S L O W L Y add in a small pinch of baking soda at a time until you reach the desired color of blue. WARNING, if you add too much baking soda the color will turn green. I advise dividing the color up into separate containers, just in case you have an oopsie.


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