A Sweet & Simple Kids Valentines Gift to Teach about Love.

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

This is a simple, easy gift box you can put

together for your child. It also is a great opportunity to talk about love & ways to demonstrate love. I like to attach little love notes to each piece in the box or you can just have a conversation as your kiddo takes out each piece. At the end you can ask them the question, “What is a way you like to share your love?”

Below I have written out examples of the ways I talk about love to Hawk in regards to each item.

Valentines Pajamas: I love when we cuddle after bath time and read books together. I love our time together in the evenings and how special it is to me.

Sensory Play: I love playing with you! I love getting to be creative & silly with you, being apart of your world is a treasure.

Bandaids: I love caring for you and being able to kiss your boo boos better.

Chocolate: I love how sweet you are and your kind heart.

Zolli Pops: You do such a great job of taking care of your teeth. I really love your smile, It's my favorite.

Hope you and your littles enjoy a day filled with love & laughter. Let me know how you like this kids gift guide below.


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