5 Minute Wonton Soup

I am finally getting around to sharing our families favorite soup. I would say that it's a winter staple but honestly, we eat it in the summer time too. It's that good! It's that nutritious! And it's just that easy to make!

I buy the bone broth and wontons in bulk at Costco, they way I can throw it together anytime of the day. It's great for a quick lunch, dinner or even breakfast if you wish. I'd say we have it at least once a week starting in the fall through early spring. No one ever gets tired of this dish, it's actually one my entire family gets excited for even though we eat it weekly.

Maybe because it's so satisfying, with the base being rich and nutrient dense bone broth. I use bone broth instead of stock to help aid in the feeling of fullness. Love the extra protein bone broth provides, along with a ton of other heath benefits like collagen. Hello, beautiful skin, health, nails and joints. It's also aids relief in a leaking gut. Bone broth is very healing to our bodies, so of course I adore how my family devours this soup weekly.

The wontons I use are by bibigo and you can find them at Costco. They are so incredibly delicious. Of course, you can use any brand or even hand make them and freeze them to have ready. If you make homemade wontons, my hat goes off to you! It's on my cooking bucket list to do one day.

Notes of ginger, soy and sesame oil bring this soup together. I throw in handfuls of organic spinach because it cooks quickly and is convenient. But when I am feeling fancy, I'll throw in some baby bok choy. I then top the soup with some fresh cut green onions. And that's it!


12 oz organic chicken bone broth

1 tsp chicken better than bouillon

8 oz water

1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce

1-2 tsp sesame oil

1 drop of doterra ginger oil (I'm sure you can always grate some fresh ginger too)

2-3 cups of wontons(depending how hungry you are and how many people)

2 handfuls of spinach or baby boy choy

2 green onions diced


Pour bone broth into a stock pot. Add chicken bullion and water. Next add soy, sesame oil and ginger oil. Bring to a soft boil. Then add wontons, spinach and 3/4s of the green onion. Cook for 3 minutes or so. Wontons cook fast. Serve and top with left over green onion.

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